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Table 4 Financial model dialog for the geothermal well

From: Performance of geothermal power plants (single, dual, and binary) to compensate for LHC-CERN power consumption: comparative study

Recapitalization cost Specified recapitalization cost      
Calculated recapitalization cost includes drilling costs, pump costs, and surface equipment. When the reservoir temperature drops below an allowed minimum, new wells must be drilled and costs accounted for in the out years of the analysis 23,000,000$      
Total capital cost 71,558,072$      
Contingency (5%) 3,577,904$      
Total direct cost 75,135,976$      
Total installed cost 92,792,928$      
Total installed cost per capacity 51,555$/kW      
Indirect capital costs % of direct cost Non-fixed cost ($) Fixed cost Total cost ($)   
Engineer, procure, construct 16 12,021,756 0 12,021,756   
Project, land, miscellaneous 3.5 2,629,759 0 2,629,759   
Sales tax of 5% applies to 80 3,005,439   
Operation and maintenance cost First year cost Escalation rate (above inflation) (%)     
Fixed annual cost 0 0     
Fixed cost by capacity 70$/kW-yr 0     
Variable cost by generation 3$/MWh 0