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Table 2 Well parameters for the simulation

From: Performance of geothermal power plants (single, dual, and binary) to compensate for LHC-CERN power consumption: comparative study

Width 500 m Fracture aperture 0.0004 m
Height 100 m Number of fractions 6
Permeability 0.05 Darcy units Fracture width 175 m
Distance from injection to production wells 1500 m Fracture angle 15° from horizontal
Subsurface water loss 2% of water injected Pressure change across reservoir 65.61217 bar
Total resource potential 210 MW Average reservoir temperature 200 °C
Resource temperature 200 °C Production well bottom hole pressure 115.208 bar
Resource depth 200 m Production well flow rate 70 kg/s
Pump depth 2859.93 ft Pump efficiency 60%
Pump work 5.35728 MW Pump size 1345.62 hp
Pressure difference across surface equipment 25 psi Excess pressure at pump suction 50.76 psi
Production well diameter 10 in. Production pump casing size 9.625 psi
Injection well diameter 10 in. Specified pump work 0