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Fig. 6

From: Computational modeling of calcite cementation in saline limestone aquifers: a phase-field study

Fig. 6

Multigrain systems comprising calcite grains (in transparent rgb colors) and liquid (in gray scale) at \(t=0\) for three different grain sizes: a \(r=20 \Delta x\) (fine), b \(r=25 \Delta x\) (medium), and c \(r=30 \Delta x\) (coarse), respectively. Central planes of the three simulation domains are chosen for visualization. df Evolution of grains along the central plane for different initial grain sizes. The zoomed outlet pictures depict the varying sizes of grains (in red dotted circles) at \(t=175\) and the varying amount of pore space (in black dotted circles) at \(t=350\) for different grain sizes. Colors are used to distinguish between different grains. gi Numerically cemented microstructures along with liquid at \(t=560\) for different grain sizes. The reduction in liquid volume is observed to be larger in fine-grained system

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