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Fig. 4

From: Computational modeling of calcite cementation in saline limestone aquifers: a phase-field study

Fig. 4

ac Unconstrained monograin growth from spherical nuclei (in gray) of initial grain size \(r=20 \Delta x\), \(r=25 \Delta x\), and \(r=30 \Delta x\). The zoomed outlet pictures of the crystal isosurfaces at growth step \(t=175\) illustrate the varying sharpness of corner and edges for different initial grain sizes. The colormap defines the curvature \(\kappa\) of isosurfaces at \(t=175\). Simulations are ended when grains reach their maximum size until which they remain confined in the respective domains. df Growth contours of the crystal interfaces along the central plane at a series of growth steps. Interfaces at intermediate growth step (\(t=175\), for all grain sizes) are highlighted in dotted blue. Interfaces at the final growth step (different for different grain size) are shown in dotted red. g Plot of overgrowth volume fraction \(f_{og}\) with growth step for different grain sizes. The overgrowth kinetics is inversely dependent (non-linear) on the initial grain size

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