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Fig. 1

From: Computational modeling of calcite cementation in saline limestone aquifers: a phase-field study

Fig. 1

a Illustration of the euhedral geometry of calcite crystal (rhombohedron) along with 2D projections and top views [adapted from open source Imperial College London (2013)]. b Verification of the faceted-type anisotropy for 3D numerical studies. An initial spherical nucleus (at \(t=0\)) dispersed in liquid evolves to its equilibrium shape (at \(t=5950\)) using the volume preservation technique. The entire domain sans the crystal is filled with liquid phase (in transparent blue). The distinct colors of the facets are for the sake of visualization and represent the normal direction of different facets. c Polar (spherical) surface energy (\(\gamma\)) plot corresponding to the equilibrium shape

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