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Fig. 5

From: How well suited are current thermodynamic models to predict or interpret the composition of (Ba,Sr)SO4 solid-solutions in geothermal scalings?

Fig. 5

Thermodynamic characteristics of (Ba,Sr)SO4 at the conditions considered in this study (cf. Tables 1, 2). a The free energy of mixing is shown according to the two mixing models at various temperatures. M1 indicates the beginning of the miscibility gap predicted by the “Becker” model. b The Rozeboom diagram. It highlights the extreme partitioning of Ba towards the solid. In the insert, the position of the beginning of the spinodal gap according to the “Becker” model is marked by a line labelled SP. b Follows the same legend as the other two. c Displays the stoichiometric saturation state of the aqueous solution with respect to the solid-solution. Vertical lines highlight the approximate solid-solution compositions identified in the scaling sample. Dashed horizontal lines mark the approximate uncertainty range for solubility calculations

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