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Fig. 1

From: Structural, geochemical, and mineralogical investigation of active hydrothermal fluid discharges at Strýtan hydrothermal chimney, Akureyri Bay, Eyjafjörður region, Iceland

Fig. 1

a The hydrothermal chimney Strýtan is situated in the Eyjafjörður region in northern Iceland. The diving locality lies in the fjord north of Akureyri at a water depth of 15–60 m. Map of Iceland modified after; map of Strýtan modified after Bogason. b Schematic sketch of the three geothermal cones at Strýtan. Red arrow marks the approximate situation of the sampling point (image: c Top of the largest hydrothermal chimney with water emanations (arrows). Due to ongoing mineral precipitation, the cones are still growing. d Diver at the largest hydrothermal chimney at Strýtan. The cone rises approximately 45 m from the seafloor. Photography by E. Bogason. e Submarine water escape structure at Strýtan. Red arrows mark the small-scale tubes. Blue arrows indicate areas of diffuse venting (c.f. f). f Active, recent water escape structure. The large amount of water released and the resulting fibrillation of the water column obliterate the sedimentary pattern, although it is clearly visible in reality (c.f. e; photography by E. Bogason)

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