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Fig. 5

From: Fluid-induced seismicity: comparison of rate- and state- and critical pressure theory

Fig. 5

Post-shut-in behaviour of seismicity, with diffusivity of 1.0 and 0.1 m2/s, calculated with CPT with variable \(C_{\text{CPT}}\) (blue 1 kPa; green 5 kPa; red 20 kPa) for pressure dropping to zero at 70 h after start of injection. Left panel (D = 1.0 m2/s): lower \(C_{\text{CPT}}\) is associated with a higher level of seismicity at constant injection rate and larger decay times after shut-in. Right panel (D = 0.1 m2/s): Lower \(C_{\text{CPT}}\) again causes higher seismicity and larger decay times but the differences in both parameters between the \(C_{\text{CPT}}\) values is small so that lower diffusivity reduces the influence of \(C_{\text{CPT}}\)

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