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Fig. 4

From: Fluid-induced seismicity: comparison of rate- and state- and critical pressure theory

Fig. 4

Comparison between the CPT and RST seismicity density for a linear pressure ramp up to 10 MPa at 111 h followed by a sudden drop of pressure rate to zero. CPT provides the constant seismicity of 0.025 1/km3/s until 111 h followed by a sudden drop to zero. RST depends very much on the lower threshold values \(C_{\text{RST}}\): 6, 50, 100, 170 kPa with time delays increasing with \(C_{\text{RST}}\) during the time of pressure growth. After pressure rate drops to zero, RST seismicity falls off with a time constant again growing with \(C_{\text{RST}}\)

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