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Fig. 2

From: The origin of deep geothermal anomalies in the German Molasse Basin: results from 3D numerical models of coupled fluid flow and heat transport

Fig. 2

Thickness maps of lithostratigraphic units implemented into the coupled model from the top (map a) to the base (map l). The main vertical structure has been extracted from the 3D lithospheric-scale structural model of Przybycin et al. (2015a) and refined for the purpose of the study: the vertical resolution of the Cretaceous and the Upper Jurassic Malm aquifer has been increased by distinguishing the Purbeck formation (map d, Lower Cretaceous) from the Upper and Middle Cretaceous (map c) and the single Malm layers (Alpha–Zeta, maps ej) following StMWIT (2010), Schulz and Thomas (2012), and Birner et al. (2009)

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