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Table 8 Injection and production summary for strategy 2—pressure maintenance strategy

From: Potential assessment of methane and heat production from geopressured–geothermal aquifers

Maximum brine production rate, sm3/day 4000
Minimum wellhead pressure of producer, MPa 1.7
Minimum wellhead pressure of producer at start of reinjection, MPa 2.7
Maximum brine injection rate, sm3/day 4000
Maximum wellhead pressure of injector, MPa 31
Temperature of reinjected brine, °C 35
Tubing ID, inch 0.0756
Production period, year 20
Injection period, year 16.4
Cumulative produced brine, million sm3 32.24
Cumulative produced gas, million sm3 152.88
Average produced gas–water ratio, m3/m3 5.31
Cumulative injected brine, million sm3 26.66
CH4 recovery, % 9.36
Brine recovery, % 11.27