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Fig. 6

From: 3D geophysical inversion modeling of gravity data to test the 3D geologic model of the Bradys geothermal area, Nevada, USA

Fig. 6

a Density cross-section extracted from the unconstrained model in Fig. 5 that corresponds to a WNW-oriented geologic cross-section that crosses the Bradys fault zone (section A from Jolie et al. 2015). The density section is annotated with interpretation lines (green) which highlight boundaries between higher and lower density regions predicted by the unconstrained geophysical modeling. b Geologic cross-section A of Jolie et al. (2015) with the interpretation lines from the unconstrained density model overlain. The location and dip of the interpretation lines are consistent with the location and dip of faults in the southeast portion of the geologic cross-section, but they are not in the northwest portion of the cross-section near the Bradys fault zone. The location of the geologic cross-section is shown in map view in Fig. 4

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