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Fig. 4

From: 3D geophysical inversion modeling of gravity data to test the 3D geologic model of the Bradys geothermal area, Nevada, USA

Fig. 4

Gravity map of the Bradys geothermal area showing: (1) locations of the gravity stations (spheres), (2) gridded gravity data within the local study area with 100 m cells, and (3) gridded regional gravity data surrounding the local study area consisting of 500 m cells. All gravity data are Complete Bouguer Gravity referenced to a terrain density of 2.5 g/cm3. The green rectangle shows the ~8 km × ~6 km local study area in which the 3D geophysical inversion modeling was performed. The main trend of the Bradys fault zone is shown by the red solid line. The black dashed line is the location of the cross-section shown in Fig. 6. Coordinates are UTM NAD83 zone 11

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