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Fig. 2

From: 3D geophysical inversion modeling of gravity data to test the 3D geologic model of the Bradys geothermal area, Nevada, USA

Fig. 2

Simplified geologic map of the region surrounding the Bradys fault zone (after Faulds et al. 2010a, b, 2012). Purple, red and pink rock units are Miocene volcanic and sedimentary rocks; the buff colored unit is Quaternary alluvium. The abundant normal faults are shown as thin, black dotted lines. The main trend of the NNE-trending, WNW-dipping Bradys fault zone is shown by the red solid line. Balls on downthrown sides of faults. The purple diamond shows the location of the Bradys geothermal power plant. Squares show the locations of geothermal production wells (red), injection wells (blue), and other wells (grey). The green rectangle shows the 3D model boundary. Blue dashed lines show the locations of four seismic sections used to help construct the 3D geologic model. Coordinates are UTM NAD83 zone 11

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