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Table 1 Physical and thermal parameters used in the simulation

From: Parametric modeling and simulation of photovoltaic panels with earth water heat exchanger cooling

Parameters Properties
PV/T collector length 1.20 m
PV/T collector width 1.59 m
Thermal conductivity of absorber plate 385 W/m K
Copper tube diameter (OD) 0.012 m
PV efficiency at reference condition 12 %
PV panel reference temperature 25 °C
HDPE pipe thermal conductivity 0.40 W/m K
Galvanized Iron (GI) pipe thermal conductivity 16 W/m K
Steel pipe thermal conductivity 54 W/m K
Fluid density 1000 kg/m3
Fluid thermal conductivity 0.55 W/m K
Buried pipe depth 3.5 m