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Fig. 1

From: Thermal modeling and heat flow density interpretation of the onshore Northwest Java Basin, Indonesia

Fig. 1

Map showing the distribution of Indonesian hydrocarbon-producing tertiary sedimentary basins, showing the location of the offshore and onshore parts of the Northwest Java Basin. Numbers correspond to the basin names. 1 North Sumatra Basin, 2 Central Sumatra Basin, 3 South Sumatra Basin, 4 West Natuna Basin, 5 Sunda Basin, 6 Northwest Java Basin, 7 North Central Java Basin, 8 North East Java Basin, 9 Barito Basin, 10 Kutai Basin, 11 Tarakan Basin, 12 Banggai Basin, 13 Bone Basin, 14 Seram Basin, 15 Salawati Basin, 16 Berau Basin, 17 Bintuni Basin, respectively

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