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Fig. 6 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 6

From: Geothermal energy from the Main Karoo Basin? New insights from borehole KWV-1 (Eastern Cape, South Africa)

Fig. 6

SSE–NNW transect through the southern Karoo (for location see Fig. 1) and tectonic model based on interpretation of a seismic reflection profile (modified from Lindeque et al. 2011). The up to 5 km thick Karoo Supergroup is tectonically disrupted by low-angle thrust faults rooted in local décollement horizons in the lower Ecca Group and overlays unconformably the up to 10 km thick wedge of the Cape Supergroup. The underlying mid-crust basement, the Mesoproterozoic Namaqua-Natal Metamorphic Belt (NNMB), reaches a thickness of 13–21 km and the 10–24 km thick lower crust, built by a Paleoproterozoic section of the NNMB or an (?) Archean craton, is bounded by a 2–5 km thick reflective horizon sub-parallel to the Moho. Abbreviations used: u.c. upper crust, Fm. formation, Gr. group, WH Whitehill, PA Prince Albert

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