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Fig. 3 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 3

From: Geothermal energy from the Main Karoo Basin? New insights from borehole KWV-1 (Eastern Cape, South Africa)

Fig. 3

Stratigraphic reference sections (1–3) of the Permian Ecca Group (Prince Albert, Whitehill, Collingham, Ripon, Fort Brown and Waterford formations) and lower Beaufort Group (Middleton, Koonap, Abrahamskraal and Teekloof formations) in the Eastern Cape (for location of sections see Fig. 2), compiled and modified from Johnson et al. (2006) and Steyl et al. (2012), and stratigraphic section intersected in borehole KWV-1 (this study). The Ripon Formation contains the first sandstones within the Ecca Group, after deposition of glaciomarine tillites (Dwyka Group) and shallow to deep marine shales of the Prince Albert, Whitehill and Collingham formations (lowermost Ecca Group) on the Pre-Karoo Basement. The formation is composed of poorly-sorted medium to fine-grained sandstones, alternating with siltstones and shales, and occurring at depths between 1000 and >3500 m in the southern part of the Karoo Basin

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