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Table 3 Criteria match of existing URLs in the crystalline basement worldwide

From: Criteria and geological setting for the generic geothermal underground research laboratory, GEOLAB

Name Criterion 1: Criterion 2: Criterion 3: Criterion 4:
Fractured and rather homogenous crystalline matrix Fracture transmissivity >
10−4 m2 s−1
Controllable hydraulic boundary condition Comparable alteration (clay minerals) Suitable stress condition Sufficient overburden
Grimsel Test Site Yes No Partly No No Yes
Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory Yes Yes Yes Yes Limit Yes
Mizunami URL Yes Limit Yes No No Yes
Josef URL No No Yes No Yes Limit
Mine Reiche Zeche Yes Limit No Yes Yes Limit
Lindau Test Site Yes Yes Yes N/A (No) Yes No
  1. Limit at the limit of the criteria. Partly the hydraulic boundary conditions are generally controllable, but due to storage lakes above the URL, special equipment may be needed