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Fig. 2

From: Pre-drilling assessments of average porosity and permeability in the geothermal reservoirs of the Danish area

Fig. 2

A North–South trending lithostratigraphic scheme. The scheme encompasses the Norwegian-Danish Basin and the North German Basin, including the widely distributed Lower Triassic Bunter Sandstone and Upper Triassic–Lower Jurassic Gassum formations (highlighted in blue). The scheme is based on data from Berthelsen (1980), Michelsen and Clausen (2002) and Nielsen (2003). The pronounced hiatus centred over the Ringkøbing–Fyn High illustrates the uplift and erosion that occurred mainly in Middle Jurassic time (Nielsen 2003). The Bunter sandstone and Gassum formations constitute major geothermal reservoirs, but also the more locally distributed Skagerrak, Haldager Sand, Flyvbjerg and Frederikshavn formations have geothermal potentials. RFH Ringkøbing–Fyn High

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