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Fig. 10

From: Pre-drilling assessments of average porosity and permeability in the geothermal reservoirs of the Danish area

Fig. 10

Petrophysical evaluation of the Gassum formation in the Stenlille-1 well. The upper part of the formation is cored (black bar). The red bar indicates the location of potential reservoir layers (net sand) within the Gassum formation. Lithological interpretation; sandstone (yellow), shale (brown) and coal (black). Raw logs, GR gamma-ray log, DT sonic log, RHOB density log, NPHI neutron log. Interpreted logs; PHIT total porosity, PHIE effective porosity, PERM_log Synthetic permeability log. Core data; CPOR core porosity, Kh_a Core permeability. The PHIT and PHIE curves are interpreted from the well-log data, whereas the PERM_log curve is a calculated curve based on the local Stenlille permeability model. The core data are plotted as point data, showing a good match between the core porosity data and the log-derived porosity curve. Similarly, a reasonably good match is observed between core permeabilities and the synthetic, log-based permeability curve

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