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Table 2 Fitted permeabilities for the hydrothermal simulations (left) and comparison to values from other modelling studies (right): Fulignati et al. (2014) [1] and Romagnoli et al. (2010) [2]

From: Influence of depth, temperature, and structure of a crustal heat source on the geothermal reservoirs of Tuscany: numerical modelling and sensitivity study

Unit −log (k[m2]) Other modelling studies
[1] [2]
(a) Pliocene 18   
(b) Ligurian 18 17 ≥20
(c) TUaB 18 17 ≥20
(d) Burano 14.0–15.4 13 13–16
(e) Farma 17.0–18.0 16.3  
Deep reservoir within Farma 13.7–14.0 13.3  
  1. The given ranges are due to the dependence of permeability on depth. Values in italics indicate estimated values (not fitted)