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Table 1 Petrophysical properties—including porosity \(\phi\), matrix thermal conductivity \(\lambda _\text {m}\), heat production rate H, and matrix density \(\varrho _\text {m}\) —of the various rock units

From: Influence of depth, temperature, and structure of a crustal heat source on the geothermal reservoirs of Tuscany: numerical modelling and sensitivity study

Unit \(\phi\)
\(\lambda _\text {m}\)
[W/(m K)]
\(\varrho _\text {m}\)
(a) Pliocene 0.05 1.9 0.23
(b) Ligurian 0.05 2.2 0.23 (7)b
(c) TUaB 0.05 2.7 0.37 (16)b
(d) Burano 0.02 (3)b 4.7 (3)b 0.16 (12)b 2.94 (4)a
(e) Farma 0.03 (5)b 4.1 (12)b 1.43 (39)b 2.78 (10)a, b
  1. The values are obtained from aborehole cores, bcuttings, and/or clogs as outlined in the text. Values in italics indicate estimated values. Standard deviations are given in parenthesis. \(\lambda _\text {m}\) is given for surface conditions