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Fig. 1

From: The Cornubian geothermal province: heat production and flow in SW England: estimates from boreholes and airborne gamma-ray measurements

Fig. 1

SW England study area (inset). Main map: Coast shown in black, TellusSW airborne survey area shown in blue. Coloured contours are depths below ground of a model of the Cornubian batholith obtained from a 3D gravity model Willis-Richards (1986, 1990). Granite outcrops shown in grey with labels: LE (Land’s End), C (Carnmenellis), SA (St. Austell), B (Bodmin) and D (Dartmoor). Yellow box on the Carnmenellis granite is a 2.5 × 2 km study area. Red crosses denote geothermal borehole locations. BNG British National Grid

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