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Fig. 8 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 8

From: Modeling coupled convection and carbon dioxide injection for improved heat harvesting in geopressured geothermal reservoirs

Fig. 8

Temperature profile for a model with 50 × 1 × 20 grid blocks (50 blocks in the x-direction, 1 in the y- direction, and 20 in the z-direction) with each grid block having dimensions of 80 m × 100 m × 5 m with the vertical gradient of 18 ‰/km and 15° dip initialized without the bounding layers (plotted with the 20-fold exaggeration in z-direction). The temperature contour lines are not equally spaced and the range of temperatures is less than in the case with the bounding layers due to absence of heat influx from the bounding layers

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