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Fig. 6 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 6

From: Modeling coupled convection and carbon dioxide injection for improved heat harvesting in geopressured geothermal reservoirs

Fig. 6

Temperature profile for a 50 × 1 × 20 grid blocks model (50 blocks in the x-direction, 1 in the y- direction, and 20 in the z-direction) with each grid block having dimensions 80 m × 100 m × 5 m model with the bounding layers, the vertical gradient of 18 ‰/km and 15° dip after quiescent period of 1000 years (plotted with the 20-fold exaggeration in the z-direction). The systems experiences natural convection. Presence of the bounding layers that supply constant heat influx into the reservoir produces equally spaced temperature contour lines expected for a medium with uniform petrophysical properties

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