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Fig. 4 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 4

From: Modeling coupled convection and carbon dioxide injection for improved heat harvesting in geopressured geothermal reservoirs

Fig. 4

Vector plot of aqueous phase flow (kg/s) for 5 × 1 × 5 blocks (500 m in x-direction, 100 m in y-direction, and 500 m in z-direction) model dipping at 45° with top and bottom bounding layers of infinite heat capacity. Pattern snapshot is taken after 1000 years of quiescent period, modeled in TOUGH2, and visualized with PetraSim software. Heat is conducted into the bounding layers high in the reservoir, and into the reservoir at greater depths. Length and color of the vectors reflect the magnitude of mass transfer. The range is from short vectors with cold colors to long ones with warm colors. For this image, the range is from 0 to 0.00003 kg/s

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