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Fig. 4

From: Geochemical/hydrochemical evaluation of the geothermal potential of the Lamongan volcanic field (Eastern Java, Indonesia)

Fig. 4

a Ternary plot of the major anions Cl, SO4 2−, HCO3 . The fluid samples in Tiris show an excess in bicarbonate, relatively high to moderate Cl and no sulfate. The slight differences in the concentrations are due to seasonal changes, e.g., rainy and dry season. According to the diagram, the waters can be classified as immature. b Ternary plot of the major cations (Na, K, Mg). The cation values were clustered as they show very similar values. Both plots indicate that the springs may belong to an outflow-recharge area of the system. The absence of sulfate may be connected to the spring location in the outflow area of the system

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