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Fig. 14

From: The effect of spatial aperture variations on the thermal performance of discretely fractured geothermal reservoirs

Fig. 14

Boxplot of dimensionless production temperatures for three cases: no flow control (untreated), 50/50 flow split, and the optimal flow split. The dimensionless standard deviation of the aperture \(\sigma _h/\left\langle w \right\rangle\) is kept at 0.25, the Hurst coefficient \(\zeta\) is equal to 0.8, and the wellbore spacing L/(2R) is equal to 0.4. The lower and upper edge of the box represents the first and third quartiles while the solid red line represents the median value. The lower and upper whiskers of the boxplot are defined as 1.5 times the first and third quartile value, respectively, and the red plus sign represents the outliers

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