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Fig. 1

From: The effect of spatial aperture variations on the thermal performance of discretely fractured geothermal reservoirs

Fig. 1

Dimensionless fracture surface temperature for the base case (a) and fractures exhibiting poor (b) and good (d) thermal performance (left hand side) with their respective aperture fields (c and e; right hand side). The aperture field is normalized by the mean aperture value \(\left\langle w \right\rangle\) and the dimensionless aperture standard deviation \(\sigma _h/\left\langle w \right\rangle\) and the Hurst coefficient \(\zeta\) are equal to 0.25 and 0.8, respectively. The wellbore separation value is \(L/(2R)=0.4\) and the injection and production wells are located at (−0.4,0) and (0.4,0), respectively (marked by a black dot). All figures represent the same production period of 203 days, the time it takes for the base case to reach a dimensionless production temperature of \(\Theta _{p,0}=0.8\)

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