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Fig. 6 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 6

From: The 3D conductive thermal field of the North Alpine Foreland Basin: influence of the deep structure and the adjacent European Alps

Fig. 6

The mean annual surface temperature used as upper thermal boundary condition along the model surface for the calculation of the 3D thermal field (modified after DWD 2013; InMeteo 2013; HISTALP 2013). Locations of the 24 geothermal energy production sites (Table 1) are depicted for which observed temperatures are available to which our calculated temperature results have been compared. The colour-coding of the locations corresponds to the temperature difference between calculated and measured values according to the table beside. Positive values indicate that the model is too warm, and negative values indicate that the model is too cold. The city of Munich is marked by a yellow star. Black lines show the location of faults

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