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Fig. 4 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 4

From: Simulating thermal pollution caused by a hypothetical groundwater heat pump system under different climate, operation and hydrogeological conditions

Fig. 4

Distribution of temperature anomalies when subjected to different operational methods: a every year, water at 35 °C was injected for four summer months and water at 10 °C was injected for four winter months. System operations for the rest of the months of the year were not considered. b Warm water at 35 °C was injected for four summer months every year. System was assumed to be shut down for rest of the months. c Warm water at 35 °C was injected at a 50 m3/day rate throughout the year for 50 years in the presence of comparatively small HWF. d Conditions are similar to scenario c, but injection was stopped after 50 years and the temperature was allowed to be distributed with HWF. The injection depth ID = 150 m for all scenarios

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