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Table 6 Secondary minerals disabled to account for their very slow precipitation kinetics

From: Differential alteration of basaltic lava flows and hyaloclastites in Icelandic hydrothermal systems

50 °C; 5 MPa 100 °C; 10 MPa 150 °C; 15 MPa 200 °C; 20 MPa 250 °C; 25 MPa 300 °C; 30 MPa
Quartz Quartz Quartz    
K-feldspath K-feldspath K-feldspath    
Albite_low Albite_low Albite_low    
Clinochlore Clinochlore Clinochlore Clinochlore   
Daphnite Daphnite Daphnite Daphnite   
Prehnite Prehnite Prehnite Prehnite   
Epidote Epidote Epidote Epidote   
Wollastonite Wollastonite Wollastonite Wollastonite   
Fe-pargasite Fe-pargasite Fe-pargasite Fe-pargasite   
Pargasite Pargasite Pargasite Pargasite   
Grossular Grossular Grossular Grossular   
Hedenbergite Hedenbergite Hedenbergite Hedenbergite   
Pyrite Pyrite Pyrite    
Pyrrhotite Laumontite Wairakite    
Magnesite Wairakite     
  1. The cut-offs for mineral precipitation were selected following Gudmundsson and Arnorsson (2005) and Marks et al. (2010)