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Table 4 Stoichiometry of sea salt used for setting up initial water compositions, taken from the tutorial of GEM-Selektor v.3

From: Differential alteration of basaltic lava flows and hyaloclastites in Icelandic hydrothermal systems

Element Mol amount
C 0.00187109
Ca 0.010264347
Cl 0.54570368
H 0.002257133
K 0.010187321
Mg 0.053026052
Na 0.46738417
O 0.1193977
S 0.028173998
Si 0.000153078
  1. To create the seawater-like solution, we mixed 1000 g of water with 35 g of this stoichiometry. To create the fresh water solution, we mixed 1000 g of water with 0.035 g of this stoichiometry, and 3°10−5 mol of CO2. 1°10−6 mol of O2 was added in order to insure stability within phase calculations