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Geothermal Energy Cover Image

Table 1 List of secondary variables and their dependency on the primary variables

From: Extending the persistent primary variable algorithm to simulate non-isothermal two-phase two-component flow with phase change phenomena

Parameters Symbol Unit
Gas phase saturation S(P,X) [-]
Molar density of phase α N α (P,X,T) [mol m −3]
Molar fraction of component i in phase α \(X_{\alpha }^{(i)}(P,X,T)\) [-]
Capillary pressure P c (S) [ Pa]
Relative permeability of phase α K r α (S) [-]
Specific internal energy of phase α u α (P,X,T) [J mol −1]
Specific enthalpy of phase α H α (P,X,T) [J mol −1]
Heat conduction coefficient λ pm (P,X,S,T) [W m −1 K −1]