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Figure 5 | Geothermal Energy

Figure 5

From: Exploration for deep geothermal reservoirs in Luxembourg and the surroundings - perspectives of geothermal energy use

Figure 5

Palinspastic reconstruction of the Mesozoic Trier-Luxembourg Basin. See Figure 1 for the location of profile B* (panels B to B’). Vertical exaggeration is tenfold. (a) Cross section B*. (b) Cross section B**. (c) Cross section B***. Dash-dotted line in panels B** and B*** indicates the base of Liassic. Dashed line marks the postulated flat base of Buntsandstein in the Mesozoic. Dotted line in panel B** is a reference to the current base of Buntsandstein. Green line in panel B*** marks the reconstructed top of Muschelkalk. Pink line in panel B*** marks the reconstructed top of Buntsandstein. Dashed red lines in panels B** and B*** represent the border faults of the Eifel Depression.

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