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Table 1 Permeability properties of fracture zones detected in the Muschelkalk and Buntsandstein formations

From: How do permeable fractures in the Triassic sediments of Northern Alsace characterize the top of hydrothermal convective cells? Evidence from Soultz geothermal boreholes (France)

  GPK-2 GPK-3 GPK-4
 Z1 Permeable Permeable  
 Z2 Permeable Permeable Permeable
 Z3 Sealed Sealed  
 Z4   Sealed Partly sealed
 Z5 Sealed   
 Z6 Sealed Sealed Sealed
 Z7 Sealed   Permeable
 Z8 Sealed Sealed Sealed
 Z9 Permeable Permeable Partly sealed
  1. In the geothermal boreholes GPK-2, GPK-3, and GPK-4