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Figure 6

From: How do permeable fractures in the Triassic sediments of Northern Alsace characterize the top of hydrothermal convective cells? Evidence from Soultz geothermal boreholes (France)

Figure 6

Synthetic log of GPK-3. The synthetic log shows mud losses from daily report (dark blue curve) and from Hettkamp et al. (2004) (light blue section), GR, ROP and caliper (RD1, RD2, RD3, RD4, RD5, RD6) data. The lithology is the same as GPK-2. Fracture zones are indicated: Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z6, Z7, Z8, and Z9. Permeable zones are in red and sealed zones are in blue. Depths are expressed in measured depth.

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