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Figure 8

From: Local stress anomaly in the Bavarian Molasse Basin

Figure 8

Differences of the modeled and observed stress indicators for a varied direction and stress regime. The vertical (Sv) and the minimum horizontal stresses (Sh) are kept constant (0.65 Sv), and the stress direction and the magnitude of the maximum horizontal stress (SH) are changed (SH-dir: 0° to 180°, SH: 0.7 to 1.25 Sv). The location of the strike-slip stress tensor is shown by the blue asterisk. The colors illustrate the mean difference (Δθ) between the observed and modeled maximum tangential stresses. Th1 shows a rotation of the stress regime (orange asterisk), or a change in the stress regime to normal faulting (yellow asterisk) fits our observation best. In Th2, the N-S-oriented strike-slip regime is confirmed, but this analysis also suggests that stress direction is independent in a normal faulting regime.

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