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Figure 5

From: Local stress anomaly in the Bavarian Molasse Basin

Figure 5

Data obtained from interpreting the FMI logs of Sauerlach Th1 (a), Th2 (b), and Th3 (c). First column: Rose display of the Terzaghi-corrected fractures related to the geographic coordinate system. Light blue colors indicate partly conductive/partly open fractures, dark blue colors conductive/open fractures, and red colors resistive/healed fractures (Trice 1999). The black arrow indicates the mean well orientation in the logged interval and N the total number of fractures. Second column: Drilling-induced tensile fractures (DITF) in the borehole coordinate system relative to the top of hole (TOH). N indicates the number and θ the mean orientation with standard deviation. Third column: Drilling-enhanced natural fractures (DENF). Fourth column: Breakout (BO) data. All stress indicator data are measured in the borehole coordinate system against TOH due to high well inclination in the reservoir sections.

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