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Table 1 Densities used for the gravity forward modelling obtained by comparing measurements in Soultz boreholes (Genter[1990]; Grecksch et al.[2003]; Rummel and König[1991]) with average regional densities (Campos-Enriquez et al.[1992]; Edel and Weber[1995]; Papillon[1995]; Rotstein et al.[2006])

From: Possible natural fluid pathways from gravity pseudo-tomography in the geothermal fields of Northern Alsace (Upper Rhine Graben)

Series Constituting rocks Density (kg m−3)
Tertiary Limestone/marls/sandstone 2,350
Jurassic Jurassic limestone/marls 2,550
Keuper Marls/dolomite/limestone/sandstone 2,700
Muschelkalk Marls/dolomite/sandstone/limestone 2,700
Buntsandstein Sandstone/conglomerate 2,500
Basement Porphyric monzogranite/two-mica granite 2,600