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Figure 1

From: 2D structural and thermal models in southeastern Norway based on the recently drilled Årvollskogen borehole and 2D density, magnetic and thermal modelling

Figure 1

Tectonic setting within northwestern Europe. This map has been compiled after Ziegler ([1990]), Vejbæk and Britze ([1994]), Lokhorst ([1998]), Pharaoh ([1999]), Baldschuhn et al. ([2001]), Sigmond ([2002]) and Maystrenko et al. (Maystrenko et al. [2012]). The location of the Årvollskogen borehole, Line 1 and the Magnus-Rex deep seismic line 3 from Stratford et al. [2009] (magenta line) are also shown. LTZ - Lithospheric Transition Zone and STZ - Sorgenfrei-Tornquist Zone.

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