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Table 1 Detail of core retrieval points from within the Rotokawa Andesite reservoir

From: Physical property relationships of the Rotokawa Andesite, a significant geothermal reservoir rock in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand

Well name Measured depth of core points (m) True vertical depth (meters below reference level) Inclination from vertical (degrees) Azimuth from north (degrees)
RK28 ST1 2,310 to 2,316 −2,215 to 2,221 21.94 50.91
RK27 L2 2,120 to 2,126 −2,001 to 2,007 27.31 88.11
RK30 L1 2,320 to 2,326 −2,175 to 2,182 20.11 218.47
  1. Measured depths are given as measured from the elevation of the drilling rig floor, true vertical depths are corrected to subsurface elevations, inclination is the deviation from vertical, and azimuth is the orientation of the borehole trajectory.