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Figure 6

From: Physical property relationships of the Rotokawa Andesite, a significant geothermal reservoir rock in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand

Figure 6

Thin section photomicrographs of the Rotokawa Andesite. (A) Plane-polarized light of RK28 2310.6C andesitic pseudo-breccia with plagioclase laths (plag.), groundmass is altered plagioclase, abundant magnetite (mag.), and amygdale (amg.). (B) Cross-polarized light of RK28 2310.6C clearly shows alteration fabrics of the brecciated andesite with plagioclase (plag.) and amygdales filled with chlorite (cl.) and rimmed by quartz (qtz.). (C) Plane-polarized light view of RK27_L2 2121.4A showing andesitic breccia with plagioclase with slight adularia alteration (plag.) and amygdale (amg.) filled with chlorite (cl.), quartz (qtz.), and highly altered pyroxene (pyx.) in lower portion of image. (D) Cross-polarized light view of RK27_L2 2121.4A shows chlorite infill of a large amygdale (amg.) in the center of the photomicrograph and quartz rim (qtz.), plagioclase (plag.), and highly altered pyroxene (pyx.). (E) Plane-polarized light view of RK30 2322.4A shows highly altered and microfractured plagioclase phenocryst with intense alteration and replacement by chlorite (cl.), epidote (ep.), calcite (cal), possible biotite (bio.), and small plagioclase showing evidence of adularia alteration (plag.). (F) Cross-polarized light of RK30 2322.4A illustrates microfracture network and veining with alteration products of quartz (qtz.), epidote (ep.), biotite (bio.), calcite (cal.), and plagioclase (plag.).

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