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Table 2 Key parameters of the two leak-off tests conducted in the geothermal well Bruchsal GB2 in 1984

From: Inferring the in situ stress regime in deep sediments: an example from the Bruchsal geothermal site

  LOT-2023 LOT-2245
Depth 2,023 m 2,245 m
Formation Middle Keuper Middle Buntsandstein
Drilling mud density 1.11 g cm−3 1.05 g cm−3
Well-head pressure 9 MPa 4.5 MPa
LOP = Shmin magnitude 31.0 MPa 27.6 MPa
Shmin gradient 15.3 MPa km−1 12.3 MPa km−1
Shmin/Sv, ratio 0.64 0.52