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Table 1 Depth intervals of the analyzed borehole breakouts and determined S Hmax orientations in wells GB1 and GB2

From: Inferring the in situ stress regime in deep sediments: an example from the Bruchsal geothermal site

Well Depth interval (MD) Orientation ofSHmax Stratigraphic formation
GB1 1,650 to 1,700 m N 104° E Middle Muschelkalk and Upper Buntsandstein
1,700 to 1,775 m N 137° E Middle Buntsandstein
1,775 to 1,850 m N 142° E Middle Buntsandstein
1,850 to 1,900 m N 145° E Lower Buntsandstein and Upper Permian
GB2 2,026 to 2,070 m N 090° E Middle Keuper
2,070 to 2,130 m N 163° E Lower Keuper
2,130 to 2,230 m N 125° E Upper Muschelkalk and Upper Buntsandstein
2,250 to 2,328 m N 125° E Middle Buntsandstein
2,330 to 2,385 m N 145° E Middle Buntsandstein and Upper Permian
2,385 to 2,475 m N 131° E Upper Permian
2,475 to 2,535 m N 128° E Upper Permian
  1. Formations that are not part of the reservoir are highlighted in italics.