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Figure 8

From: Inferring the in situ stress regime in deep sediments: an example from the Bruchsal geothermal site

Figure 8

Comparison of the estimated stress-depth relations and stress ratios for the Bruchsal geothermal site. (A) Predicted magnitudes for SHmax based on the stated Greiner and Rummel and Baumgärtner profiles and the newly derived Bruchsal profile, respectively. The range between the assumed upper and lower bound of SHmax covers a potential normal (NF), a radial extensional (RE), and a transitional (NF/SS) faulting regime for the Bruchsal model (see Figure 4). (B) Overview of the minimum horizontal stress component Shmin. (C, D) Comparison of the potential stress magnitudes of SHmax and Shmin normalized by Sv.

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