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Figure 1

From: Inferring the in situ stress regime in deep sediments: an example from the Bruchsal geothermal site

Figure 1

Compilation of data relevant to the stress field in the URG. Shown are stress field indicators derived from seismological and well test data compiled in the world stress map (Heidbach et al. [2008]). The underlying map shows a digital elevation model based on SRTM data and the major tectonic fault systems (gray lines; Illies and Greiner [1979]). Position of the boundary faults and major shear zones are displayed as red lines. WMBF, western main boundary fault; EMBF, eastern main boundary fault; LL/BB-SZ, Lalaye-Lubine/Baden-Baden shear zone; HTSBF, Hunsrück-Taunus southern boundary fault. For further information on the data, see text.

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