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Figure 3

From: Spectral analysis of aeromagnetic data for geothermal energy investigation of Ikogosi Warm Spring - Ekiti State, southwestern Nigeria

Figure 3

Geomagnetic anomaly field map of the study area. The data was reduced to the pole assuming a declination of −3° and an inclination of −10° for this region. Notable (positive) anomalies are observed at the Oshogbo, Okemesi and Ilesha locations reaching values of 60 to 112 nT. Positive anomalies of 50 to 70 nT are also observed at the Ijero-Ekiti and within the towns of Ado-Ekiti. Negative magnetic anomalies ranging from −30 to −156 nT have been noted in the towns of Erinmo, Ifewara, Oriade, Ikogosi and Okeigbo.

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