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Table 1 Emplacement conditions of magma chamber and geological properties for thermal models of the Los Azufres geothermal field (LAGF)

From: Three-dimensional thermal sensitivity analysis of cooling of a magma chamber in the Los Azufres geothermal field, Michoacán, Mexico

Physical property (units) Emplacement of magma chamber
Emplacement conditions
 Depth of the top the chamber (d) (km) 5.0-9.0
 Depth of the chamber centroid (dc) (km) 7.000 to 12.875
 Volume (V) (km3) 300 to 600
 Thickness of the magma chamber (E) (km) 4.00 to 7.75
 Radius (r) (km) 5.0
 Magma emplacement temperature (Tcham) (°C) 1,350
Boundary conditions
 Surface temperature (Ts) (°C) 25
 Geothermal gradient (ΔTg) (°C/km) 30
Geological strata (strata 1–4 rock type)a
  Width (km) 16.00
  Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 2.80
  Specific heat (J/kg K) 1,073
  Density (kg/m3) 2,680
 Metamorphic rocks  
  Width (km) 1.00
  Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 2.73
  Specific heat (J/kg K) 1,050
  Density (kg/m3) 2,280
  Width (km) 2.75
  Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 1.72
  Specific heat (J/kg K) 1,151
  Density (kg/m3) 2,180
  Width (km) 0.25
  Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 3.44
  Specific heat (J/kg K) 1,074
  Density (kg/m3) 2,460
  1. aPhysical properties were taken from Contreras et al. (1988) and Verma and Andaverde (1996).